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hello interested folks,
thank you for checking out my ad first of all, since there are probably hundreds of others you could've clicked on. i have for you an amazing deal if you are looking for a room this summer. i've taken a job in ontario for the rest of the summer and need someone to take my room, you get a lot of amazing bonuses if you decide to take my room instead of some of the others on here.
i pay $500 as it includes all utilities plus more. we could maybe negotiate a bit on the price, but i'd like to leave knowing that everything is taken care of.
here are some of the things you get:
- amazing location on agricola street, close to the sobeys on windsor, as well as bus stops on robie and north street. it's also in a really good area, you step outside and there are lots of fun things to see and do.
- the people are the best: my roommates are incredible, decent and beautiful human beings, there are 3, and you make the fourth. they all do really exciting things and are super respectful, creative and funny. we also have awesome neighbors.
- i don't have a landlord, as my roommate owns the house, therefore, it is well taken care of, elegantly decorated and its really easy to live here. lots of beautiful furnishings, cool backyard, wood stove, tv for watching dvds. it's not just a house, it's a home! and it feels like a home, believe me.
- my room is huge and interesting. you can use my stuff or not. i've got everything you'd need, but there's also lots of room for storage for your stuff too. hardwood floors everywhere! not to mention natural light and two windows.
- we also have internet, phone, water, power basically all those things that you'd like. 2 bathrooms, amazing kitchen and a clawfoot bathtub, if you can believe it.
please believe me when i say that you have to see it, you'll fall in love just like i did. i know its pretty last minute and all, but if you need a room or have been waiting for the right one to come along, this is it.
(it looks a little different aesthetically than what you see in these pictures, but its the same room!)
e-mail me, and i'll give you my number and we can set up a time very soon for you to see it.


Halifax, Nova Scotia

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